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October 02, 2008



Can't wait to see Bee Fields blocked out. It's always such magic blocking lace. I don't know if you're in the market for going out and buying yarn for the mittens. If you are, I recommend Encore. It's a wool/acrylic mix and not too bad. Certainly not "real" wool, but a close substitute. I use it a lot for garments that I know will not be coddled, but thrown in a washer and dryer. It will be fun looking at what projects you do next. Your workmanship is always stunning!

Caroline M

I love the cable pattern on the first sweater. I used to knit a lot of Pingouin patterns because my aunt was a Pingouin stockist and used to find me interesting things to knit.

Linda M

I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished Bee Fields, it is on my must-make list for some day. I can truly empathize about the sense of loss when a big lace project is over. I felt that way with Peacock Feathers. Right now I'm mostly knitting for others, Knitspot Little Nothing scarves for two classmates who graduate this winter, socks for my dissertation advisor, a pi shawl for a pregnant friend... just not in the mood to knit for myself I guess (a strange feeling for me). I need to find a new lace project to fall in love with so I can do some monogamous knitting again. It is such a special feeling.


Can't wait to see Bee Fields finished!


Your projects are always amazing! Love that shawl and those warm looking sweaters!

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