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October 05, 2008



It is gorgeous. What a triumph! I was surprised too that it took only 600 yards for such a good-sized shawl.

Caroline M

It was worth all the effort, it looks lovely. He's a keeper, what a great idea to hang it on the fruit cage.

Linda M

Congratulations, it looks great, enjoy it!

Barbara M.

How lovely it is, Marjorie! You should be very proud and enjoy wearing it very much. I promised myself that this fall I would knit for myself, having spent the last few years on grandchildren, but it doesn't seem to work that way. I just started a helmet hat (Balaclava) for the oldest grandchild, part of his penguin Halloween costume that will actually get used this winter to keep his sweet head warm. THEN..... something for me!


Oh! Oh! Oh!


Absolutely gorgeous!




Ten days later, this post finally popped up in my Bloglines. :-(

Congrats! It's gorgeous!! Well done!! Enjoy Rhinebeck!


Bloglines held your posts, now I have 5 of them at once. I'm glad to see your beautiful fo. I'll read your other posts, but won't spam you with comments.


This is so gorgeous!

Been wondering where you were. Bloglines updated 5 of your posts at once. :)


WOW! I'm so far behind in my blog reading... because I'm not sure how I could have missed a shawl as beautiful as that one. Really stunning work.

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