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September 21, 2008



I can't remember where I read this hint, but I may try it on my next shawl that requires grafting. You do an extra row of plain knitting at the beginning (before you start your pattern), but use a different color. Then when you are ready to graft, you just follow the differently colored yarn's path. I think Cat Bhordi uses a similar method by knitting a few extra rows at the end of her toes, then using those paths to graft. Regardless, I think Bee Fields looks fine. When I look at the several shawls that I have grafted, I remember not being satisfied, but now looking at them, I have trouble finding the graft. You're too busy looking at all the other wonderful things going on!


Marjorie, I've given you the 'I Love Your Blog' award! See my blog for details. Best, Helen


That graft looks darn good to me; I don't see how it could be improved. I've Kitchenered a bazillion socks with no issues, but doing that on a lace shawl would be quite unnerving. Not to mention the yarnovers. One doesn't find those on sock toes.


You won't see the graft when you wear the shawl; that's the reason the graft is placed behind your neck--it will be out of sight, so you can put it out of your mind.
There's no easy way to hide the graft in that circular shawl I knit. When I saw that the color changes mean I would be grafting two radically different colors together, I didn't even bother to graft. I just did a 3-needle bind-off.
The shawl will be really pretty when it is done; whenever it is done.


I think the graft looks great! I can't imagine grafting with YOs. :-) By the way, I'm loving this colour more every time I see it -- so yummy.

Ed's comment made me laugh. I wonder what he'd do if you replied, "I can't bear to rip it apart after all that work; here, you do it," and casually dropped it in his lap. (Don't try this at home, folks!)


I think it looks great - and agree it's not a nighttime knitting project. I can't get my provision cast ons to "unzip" either, and I have to painstakingly pick out each one off the waste yarn to get it on the needle.


I think it's a pretty great job that you did. I can't imagine doing something like this.


I think it looks fine, too. I've never done grafting with yarnovers, though I did it with cables (Rogue), which turned out way better than I thought it would. I'm saving Dorothy's suggestion for my next complex grafting project.

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