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September 04, 2008



Oh dear - deer! We're planning on a veggie garden next year and know we will have to do battle with the deer. Right now we're looking at an idea for "deer cages" - removable wood frame and chicken wire cages that plop right over the sections of garden (we're looking at an idea called "Square Foot Gardening". If that doesn't work, we may just have to put up an 8 foot deer fence - the more expensive option, but perhaps less frustrating. I have done my fair share of tinking with lace. It's so frustrating to spend all night knitting and the next two nights taking it out! We'll pray that the knitting gods smile upon you.


Your pictures look amazing - especially the one of the impatiens!

Sometimes there's something to be said for "going with the flow" and not trying to force it, at least for me.


You can do it! Just like the plants, keep on trying and striving, despite setbacks. Well, until it freezes, anyway. Or Sept. 21. Whichever comes first.


You're doing so well with the shawl. I don't think you should set deadlines, though. Don't you have enough of those? Just enjoy the knitting and know that it will be done soon enough.
I like deer. They've eaten some of my flowers, but I just make a note of what they don't eat and plant more of those. The deer are getting ready for fall, too.


The shawl is looking lovely! Oh no on the deer attack. I hope you do get to enjoy some of your garden's yields.


The shawl looks gorgeous. In a way won't it be rather sad to finish? You'll have a lovely completed shawl to wear,it's true, but you will no longer be spending pleasant evenings with Bee Fields. Or perhaps you will only remember the torture of tinking.

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