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September 08, 2008



Wonderful progress on the shawl. At least some good came from the storm. Your beans look yummy.


Lovely beans! We tried growing tomatoes in our sun room (too cool to do it outside) and harvested our single lonely tomato yesterday. It was delicious! Next year I need to start earlier, fertilize and prune judiciously. Bee Fields is looking lovely as well. I do need to put that on my "must do" list - but only after I finish the two shawls I have started already.

Linda M

Your shawl looks great, I'm so glad you are feeling better about it.

And I'm also glad the bad weather didn't do any real damage in your area. We keep dodging bullets in Tallahassee though we are still cleaning up from the flooding after Fay.

And it was kind of funny that a local (non-hurricane related) lightning storm opened up right above the FSU stadium just before game time Saturday evening. They delayed the game two hours... and FSU still destroyed the sacrificial lambs from Western Carolina.



Bee Fields is looking great!!


Good looking beans! My co-worker that has a garden just started bringing in tomatoes last week, so yours should be turning soon!


The shawl is looking great! Glad Hanna didn't do too much damage!


I knew you could do it -- it looks wonderful!

And jealous tomatoes -- LOL!!

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