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August 28, 2008



You know you're going to get 20 red tomatoes all at once, right? That cuke looks YUMMY.

Caroline M

I'll have to take a photo of my butternut squash that is planning to take over the world.

I sometimes have the odd row of knitting that I never ever get right. It's usually one row of a lace pattern where I make the same mistake every time I come to it. I know that I get that row wrong, I know that I got it wrong the last time and I still get it wrong.


I am so impressed with your garden! I would want one but I wouldn't want to do the work for one.


Your garden looks delicious. And how nice to be getting tomatoes so late in the season.


Your garden is a work of art! I'm still mulling over plans for one. I think our only choice is going to be putting up a deer fence. But hubby doesn't want to go to the expense of putting one up until he knows a garden is going to succeed, but I don't think it will succeed without a deer fence. A bit of a catch-22, especially since we also are overrun with rabbits!

Linda S

I admire you for your optimism in planting so late in the season. I'm a gardener too but I don't plant vegetables (I did put in one zucchini plant, but I don't think that counts).
I'm also a maker of "TO DO" lists. It gives one a real sense of purpose, even if very few of the items are ticked off.

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