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August 14, 2008



Your garden looks so pretty, and all springy. It's in a time-warp. We're having cold snaps here already, and are "winterizing" the grass in preparation for the snows.
(ps..is that the new camera? The garden pictures are very nice.)


Great pictures of the vegetables! They look delicious!

I'm wondering how difficult that Bee Fields pattern must be that it's giving YOU trouble. It almost makes me want to try it.


We own our businesses too and I definitely know the panic of not having enough work. It's hectic but I'd much rather be busy - somehow it's not as stressful then.


How fortunate you are to have space for a garden. It looks delightful. Don't worry about Bee Fields. This project is clearly intended to take you to a new and higher level of knitting expertise. When it is finally completed you will be a lace guru.

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