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August 18, 2008



Awww, great birdie pic! I like Bee Fields too - that bee pattern is really neat. Don't even think about working on Labor Day!


Yay to be done with the work stuff and you can go back to enjoying some fun stuff for a bit!


My brain has been so fried this summer, I haven't even attempted lace. I really do need to get back to it, though. I have two shawls started and need to get them finished. Addi is so cute.


Your "bees" are looking wonderful! And that bird is just the most gorgeous color. I want a shawl that color green.

Caroline M

I bought courgette plants that grow to marrows more or less overnight. In previous years they've stood a few days at the small stage before they ballooned but this year I haven't stood a chance.

Those bees look very pretty, I started the stole pattern but ripped it because I didn't like the yarn.


Ooooh, squash blossoms! I just discovered this lovely taste treat at our farmers' market this summer and have been sauteeing them, chopping them into omelets, etc. for weeks.

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