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August 21, 2008



I like the last one best!


It must be the weather indeed. I've been going thru the same thing -- bored with everything I'm knitting now, making silly mistakes on my lace shawl (which is infinitely simpler than Bee Fields), and thinking endlessly of what new item I might launch.


I have so many projects started and can't seem to get up interest in any of them! Must be the time of year. I vote for the last one as well. I really like dropped shoulders, but that may be because I have very wide shoulders and they seem to fit me better than set in sleeves.


I hear you! I'm in the same position. I am satisfying my type A side by getting in 2 rows of the Heartland Lace Shawl or the Pine Tree Palatine in the morning while my husband is in the shower and a row at lunchtime. In the evening my brain is finished.


Lovely post. I shall have to look up those sweaters on Ravelry to see if anyone there has knit them. I enjoyed looking through all your options, but it strikes me that what you consider a simpler project would be a very complex one for me to knit.

Linda M

Hi Marjorie,
the Jamieson gansey has been on my dream-about-it list for years and years, I have to move it to my "someday" list soon, or maybe even queue it in Ravelry so I don't forget I want to make it someday.

Lucky you with the nice weather. It is the Florida Pan-handle's turn for the never-ending nuisance that is Tropical Whatever Fay. It has been raining most of the day and is supposed to continue for the weekend, but we won't get it as bad as the people further south did.

Oh, and I love the shot of Addi in the previous post. She is looking like one lucky bird!


How frustrating to make mistakes in your lace like that. I like the men's sweaters that you're thinking of knitting.


That Jamieson sweater is one of my favorites. I think I bought that book just for that sweater pattern. There are actually several in that one that I'd like to make.

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