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July 01, 2008



I like the subtle color changes in the shawl, it's coming right along. I doubt that I would commit to such a complex pattern. Thanks for the tip about the book sale.
I hate to tell you this, but you may have another computer problem. It might just be typepad, but your " ' and -- come with extra spaces.


It is Typepad. I edited the post and got some odd character in place of the apostrophe and quote--so I fixed it manually. I can't see the extra space, but that is how it got there. I'm not using the new Mac today.


You still manage to get an amazing number of things done. I'll be watching your garden. We also had a garden years ago, but gave it up due to time constraints of being working parents with two children, and then school. We've discussed bringing it back, but are gearing up for next year. What with the economy and all, any way you can contribute to being self sustaining is certainly a plus.


You're def. not too late to have a garden! The weather's been so strange this year that my plans all look basically the same as they did when I put them in a month ago.


I'm totally the same way about new computers - it has to be just so...

Can't wait to see your garden progress. I'm so not a gardener so am quite impressed by people that are!


All that sun! Looks like the ideal spot. There's nothing better than super fresh fruit and veg.


Yeah, our real estate taxes are due in two installments - June 1 and September 1 - why can't they be 6 months apart instead of 3? It's kind of a pain, but I like paying them on my own rather than each month.

There are some weird characters showing up in your post - they kind of look like rectangles.


I'm seeing the weird characters, too. I'm using Firefox for my browser, let me go check it in Safari.


In Safari it seems to be fine. I have the newest version of Firefox, which just came out. Maybe it's a bug?

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