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July 06, 2008



What an intriguing dilemma. Those really are two completely different sweater designs. The only thing they have in common is the poppy print. I noticed that in the picture of the "old" design there is an awful lot of hair covering the collar and shoulders. Per Maggie Righetti, whose books I adore, this a reason to be suspicious.


Thanks for the review. Since I'm not doing intarsia or colorwork of any kind now (except for dishtowels), I'm not tempted by that book. Maybe later.
I agree with you on the two Poppys: I like the first version of that sweater much better than the updated one.


No comment on design elements, but I quite like the alternative colourway. The yellow and brown was a bit too ... '70s.


That looks like a good book! Those sweaters are nice. I still have to learn how to knit intarsia.


I hadn't seen that Sasha Kagan book before. You know what I'm going to say...make the new version. I like the colors and the shape better. I think that 70s version would look better on a bigger (taller and possibly plus size) person - you're too tiny for that.

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