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July 20, 2008


Caroline M

I did have this book in my hands this afternoon and if I'd read your post earlier I might have bought it even though I have no desire to knit a gansey.

I live just over an hour's drive from Hull and as a child we always went to Bridlington for our summer holidays. I'm not sure to what extent there is any fishing left now (except maybe for Hull).

Barbara M.

I've taken several classes from Beth at Harrisville Designs, and one in Maryland, and I have to say she is a fabulous teacher! When I had my first class, I knit English style only. so Beth taught me Continental style so I could knit one color with each hand. I discovered I loved two colored knitting!

She is patient, kind, and thoughtful as a teacher, and I would drive anywhere to take a class from her, even on a technique I don't personally enjoy. She makes every class worth while!

Next year (fall 2009) she is doing a knitting cruise, and I sure hope I'll be able to make it! Anybody want to come?

Barbara M.


Sounds like a great book. That cast-on looks fascinating.


I like the idea of the knitting cruise that Barbara M. commented about! I think Beth Brown-Reinsel used to have a class at Stitches where she walked participants through the design of a miniature gansey. I looked on the Stitches website and it's not listed now, but I know I remember seeing one in a previous year. That book looks great. More to add to my collection!


Very cool post. I do want to learn more about Ganseys!

Barbara M.

The book presents plans for knitting a "teddy-bear Sweater" ... a small version that uses all the relevant techniques. That's what Beth did in the class I took from her on the Fana style cardigan. It's a great way to learn the techniques in a short class.


I agree thoroughly with your review. I think this book should be a staple in any knitter's library. Although I haven't taken her class, I have met Beth. I was at a knitter's retreat where I was aid to another teacher (Nancy Bush, no less) and the all the aids, students and teachers got together in the evenings and knit. Lots of cute little miniature ganseys floating around!


Wow. That's really, really interesting. I don't know if I have the patience to knit a gansey but now I kindof want to try...


This is a great book, and a great review! I was fortunate to take Beth's gansey class last year, and would love to do an adult sized sweater. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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