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July 09, 2008


Caroline M

They do look like footsteps that would need socks that would run into a second ball. My gardening socks are knitted and also filthy because my gardening boots have a hole somewhere. They'll wash (eventually, they live in the greenhouse with the boots and I'll wash them when they run to greet me).

If I mess up in a pattern that has alternate plain rows then I can fix it, with a pattern on both sides I usually end up ripping it back. I know I should be able to see the error and fix it but it usually ends up that I'm looking at the other side and struggling to work out what I did wrong.


Sorry to hear about having to rip back some of Bee Fields - my rule is, if it bothers you, you have to fix it - and you are the only person who counts. There are some things I fix and other things I don't.


Good for you for not frogging the one on the other side. If it takes you a couple minutes to find it, no one will EVER notice it.


While these type of errors can be frustrating, I hope you feel a sense of satisfaction in finding them and fixing them. Not that I think you should rip back to fix the occasional missed purl that won't be noticed.
When I first saw the garden prep photo, I thought it was a new type of schematic for an aran sweater. Either I have knitting too much on my mind, or I must have been squinting at the screen too hard--the footstep pattern looked like cables.

Linda M

you could always make Ed a pair of nice heavy ribbed sport-weight socks on size U.S. 4 needles and they'd go pretty quickly...

Seriously, I'm glad you figured out the shawl fix. I haven't tackled two sided patterns yet. I can fix stuff if it is patterned on one side, but two sided would be confusing. that said, one of the tricks I use if I have to ladder down a repeat for 5 or 6 six rows is to put the stitches I'm fixing on double pointed needles so I don't have to turn the work over for the purl side. I just go back to the right end of the needle and knit the row I would have purled if I would have turned it over to purl back (does this make sense?).


I am glad to hear that you are not a fanatic but agree with Robin who says that you are the only person who counts when it comes deciding whether to rip back or not. I just love the variation in the colour on your Bee Fields.


Oh man, this has me worried. If YOU can't do this one without a lot of frogging, I'm screwed. I guess it will most definitely be non-martini knitting! :-)


I don't see any mistakes in it at all.

Even with his big feet, he surely deserves some socks with all that gardening work?

Wool Enough

Oh, now I am really nervous about trying Bee Fields. But it is so darn gorgeous. And I love the yarn you are using. Congratulations on finding and fixing the problem. Definitely worth the effort for all that beauty.

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