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July 26, 2008


Caroline M

I've been picking my courgettes today, the butternut squash are finally beginning to flower and I have a single football sized pumpkin. My beans have beans on them but I haven't picked any yet. If you eat pickles can I recommend growing gherkins - we were eating them right into the new year and I only had two plants.


We actually have two little baby tomatoes on our plants in the sun room - way too cold here to keep them outside. We have deer here so I'm not sure how well we will do with vegetables when we finally get around to it. They actually ate one of my beautiful roses the other day! Either the deer or the rabbits! I have found that with lace I'm almost always better off just ripping back unless it's a pretty elemental error, such as a missed YO. However, I still live on the edge and do not use lifelines. It's the most excitement I can muster in my life at this point!!


3 pairs of socks and 2 shawls does seem like pretty good output for three months. But you've got until September 20 or so.


I haven't been as on top of things lately either - I've been keeping up with everything except the blog-visiting. The shawl is looking great! I've found the same thing with errors on cables or lace - it's better just to frog on those. The only thing I ever fix is straight stockinette.

Congrats on the successful garden!


I was stung by a bee two days ago (it had wandered in thru the window and took exception to my efforts to escort it outside). Do you suppose it was reminding me to get cracking and finish my shawl so I can start on Bee Fields?


That shawl is looking so pretty! And wow! Ed has been doing a lot of work.


You're going to have a ton of veg! What will you do with it all? Can and preserve? Or spread the joy and give it away?

My veggie plot is about half the size of one of your rows and it keeps two of us in tomatoes and cucumbers for the season. I'd like to double it on size and plant a few other things, like beans and zucchinis. I adore zucchini flowers this way: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/FLAT-ZUCCHINI-OMELET-235468


Looks like your garden is coming along great! Zucchini grow so fast this time of year... I swear they add feet to the vines overnight!

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