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June 02, 2008



Great progress! That's going to be a wonderful jacket.


The jacket's looking good - what would you wear underneath it? Would it be the same weight as the shirt you're trying it on with? I would normally say it would probably loosen up after washing, but with the slip stitch pattern, I don't know - that might have too much structure to do so.

Caroline M

I like the collar, it sits nicely.

You are the only one to say whether the sleeves are right and you have to be happy with it to wear it. I hope that a more severe blocking saves the day.


Looking good! I think you're right to be concerned about the sleeve, though. It looks a little on the tight side. It would be shame to come this far and cut corners. Of course, you are the queen of NOT cutting corners. We'll be holding our collective breaths that it blocks out.


I know you - you will get that sleeve to be perfect!

Judy G.

The sweater looks good, but I only have one request: Please don't wear the finished product with that shirt underneath. No good reason, just sayin'.

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