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June 09, 2008



It's fall in the mountains. It was literally BELOW freezing here last night--29 this morning. I hope this cold front works its way over to you.
Can I rave about the finishing on that jacket? I have to. I love the contrast edges. The collar is just perfect--look at that roll. Such a neat shoulder seam trick. I've seen that for tank tops, where the shoulders are more straps, but not for a jacket. What kind of shaping is there in the front shoulder?


Love the three needle bindoff - the jacket is looking great!

Wool Enough

I had to stare at those two shoulder seams for the longest time to figure out why you thought they didn't line up. See, I thought it was MEANT to be that way -- the little motifs alternating from front to back. I still rather like it that way.

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