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June 18, 2008



Love the colorway of the yarn you're using for Bee Fields. I agree that the slight variegation will add something extra special to that project.

You're so funny about having a spring in your step when hearing about unseasonably cold weather - the exact opposite of everyone else I know who loves summer and heat! I don't dislike the cool weather anymore, but I do love my summer months.


I like the color of that sock yarn! Glad to hear your weather has improved.


Hi Marjorie! I really like the colorway for your Bee Fields, the color changes are not too pronounced.

We're having cooler and wetter weather here in the Niagara region.


It has been unseasonably cool here too. I won't complain!

What a pain it is to get a new computer and then have to go through the process of adding all the programs you need. I wish that there was more Mac knitting programs. I don't really want to run windows on my mac!

Wool Enough

The yarn you picked for Bee Fields is gorgeous. You've created an interesting new label too for a type of yarn coloring I've always had trouble describing -- "slightly variegated." It's sort of like a 'nearly solid' or a 'semi-solid', but all the colors are, well, in the same tonal range or something along those lines; no striking differences in the colors, they all play nicely and quietly together.


Don't you just love Macs? My husband is a PC guy and just had to install another patch that created all kinds of problems. The patches to fix problems just create more of their own and it's never ending! My little iBook is probably on its last legs so there will be a new one in my future before the end of the year. I'm debating about running Bootcamp and installing XP to run a couple of programs that I love that don't have Mac versions. But I wouldn't touch Vista with a ten foot pole! Looking forward to seeing your Bee Fields. It really is a pretty pattern, as are all of Anne's.

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