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May 16, 2008



I like that color better, but then I prefer purple to pink. Ordering on-line without a color card is so difficult. You never know quite what you will get. I'm very impressed with The Fibre Co. yarns. I bought three different lots from them at MDSW and was satisfied with all. The people are quite nice, and their home-dyed approach is appealing.


They do look pretty together. I think you definitely have an outfit in the making!


beautiful choice! maybe it will look a little pinker once you get it knit into fabric; i find that color is often elusive and changeable that way.


That really is a beautiful combination. I'll look forward to the finished outfit. I find myself ordering more online as well. I try to support my LYS, but like you, I find that they never seem to have what I want or they have it but not in the quantity. Add in a long drive and gas where it is and mail order is becoming more common. I like ordering from Elann. Their warehouse is actually quite near me and I've had my order in as little as one day. Great sales too.

Wool Enough

Yum,that yarn looks delicious. And a perfect match for your fabric. I checked out the other Canopy Sport colors at the Soho Purl website too and was greatly impressed. All of the shades look very rich.


That's going to be a beautiful outfit!! That fabric is very similar to mine.

On the LYS thing, I rarely shop at mine either, unless I need something right away that I know they carry. The problem with mine are that they don't carry a lot of the things I want and then they try to talk me into substituting with something else. It's OK to substitute yarns, but it has to fit in with *my* vision of how I want to go about it, not just to buy a yarn they happen to have in stock. That really is my pet peeve.


Beautiful combo! I can't wait to see this shawl progress - it's going to be georgeous in that pink.

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