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May 21, 2008



I know this one will be another perfect fit for you. You have such talent!

Linda S.

Little wonder that your finished projects are so polished- you have a very logical mind. My mind is quite scattered and disobedient. I am attempting to tame it however and I hope that one day I will be able to knit with something approaching your skill.

Barbara M.

Wow... you really are a perfectionist! I always knit both sleeves at the same time, so that the shaping will be the same, but I'm not very precise on where the increases/decreases should go. Most of the sweaters I've done have been relatively unshaped, so that has never been a problem Now that I'm knitting using finer yarn I can certainly learn from a knitter like you. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara M.

Wool Enough

I admire your bravery in tackling these difficult sleeve issues. In the past I have most often wimped out and done raglans. But the process is becoming clearer, and there may yet be a fitted sleeve somewhere in my future.


I would say it all depends on the shape of your arms! My trick is not to start increasing on the sleevss until I am half-way to the elbows, as my arms are very slim and I don't like bulky bat-wing-like sleeves. I then start increasing progressively (after 12, 10, 8, then a few times after 6 rows when using fine yarn) I also do a few extra incresases in the final rows just before reaching the armholes for enough underarm ease. This way I get just the shape of fitted sweater I like. I always used to be disappointed when following patterns to the letter, so now I just ignore the instructions and do my own "maths".
A Dutch knitter

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