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May 11, 2008


Wool Enough

Liv is gorgeous; looks like a perfect fit. Definitely worth all that effort. Congratulations.

I know what you mean about Silky Wool. I've been working with it for the first time and have been astonished at how much it stretches.

Caroline M

Liv is lovely, the cable detail is gorgeous. You may not believe this but it was only yesterday that I was thinking about your Devonshire jacket (as you do when you're washing the dishes)


Liv looks wonderful!


You've made a lot of progress on the jacket. How nice that it won't need lining.
Liv turned out very well, after all. In a few months (like when you bring it out to wear it this fall) you won't remember the extra effort so much, you will just be happy to have a pretty, hand-knit sweater.


All the fiddling was worth it - Liv is beautiful! This looks like a sweater that will get a lot of wear. I did have to laugh about not lining Devonshire. Wasn't the whole point of knitting it so you would have something to line? Hmmm - which came first, the chicken of the egg?


Liv looks great!!! I like the fit on you too. I didn't realize how much the Silky Wool stretches. I had two colors of it in stash awhile back (actually the cinnamon color you used, and the olive) but had sold or given both away. I think I will stay away from buying more of this yarn after seeing how many alterations you had to make while using it. There's just too many yarns out there that are more predictable to work with!!


Liv looks so great!! You will get plenty of wear with that one in the fall!


Live is fantastic! Really truly professional looking!


Liv is beautiful!!! Love the cable details... very cool.


I'm catching up on 3 weeks of posts and found this. Liv turned out perfectly! It looks great on you!

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