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April 30, 2008



I've heard from others that her Finishing DVD is excellent. I just checked Netflix to see if they had it, no luck. I'll check the library; that's a great "why didn't I think of that" suggestion!


Leslye Solomon is a GREAT teacher. I took her Sweater Finishing class at Stitches and I also bought her DVD (which is great, BTW.) I really like that buttonhole by Lucy Neatby!

Funny - my hierarchy for knitting dollars is 1.) books (usually pre-screened) 2.) yarn 3.) tools

Wool Enough

I'm racing over to my county library's website right now to see if they have any knitting DVD's. Can't believe I didn't think of that. Although it sounds as though anything from Lucy Neatby would be a good buy. Those buttonholes are awesome!


Very interesting. I shall have to add some dvd's to my wish list.


I have the Elizabeth Zimmermann one and I think she's a hoot! I'd love to watch the Lucy Neatby ones and any other there may be out there.

Barbara M.

I took a class from Lucy at Harrisville Designs last year. She is a fabulous teacher! Just learning how to do her "sock chimney" to graft toes on socks was worth the price of the class. And of course, I bought a lot of her DVDs as well, and they are useful. She actually took rope (like clothesline rope), stiffened it with wire, and used it to knit great huge samples so you can really see the structure of the stitch. She says once you truly understand how a stitch works, you can see where the problems are so "all your stitches can be happy stitches." She's an awfully nice person as well as being an incredible knitter.


Oh dear. Now I am convinced that I will have to frog the two fronts of my KPPPM cardigan and master buttonholes. I'm not very far along anyway...off to the Public Library site...thanks for the encouragement.

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