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April 25, 2008



I love looking at stitch pattern books. I haven't quite got the hang of translating the stitches into a workable item though. I think the socks looks great!


Both socks look great to me! I have the first two Barbara Walker stitch books, and most of the original Harmony books. How do these compare to the Walker treasuries?


You can never have too many stitch dictionaries, I say. I think the Knotted Cable would look very good in a sock.


I keep saying that I need to focus on creating my own patterns using the stitch dictionaries I have. I haven't gotten to it yet, as I've been too busy making up other people's patterns, but someday I'll get to it!


I have the 3 original Mon Tricot books (even though I've had to purchse one of them several times because people "borrow" it and never return it). Of all my books, those are the ones I treasure most. I have Vogue, Barbara Walker, and others, but it is the Mon Tricot ones I return to time after time.

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