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April 22, 2008


Judy G.

Congratulations on the new arrival. We'll be expecting to see tiny knitted bird hats and such.

I think I may end up being a "just looking" tire-kicker on Ravelry. I don't know what I do all day, but it takes all my time, and I don't think I have the patience to put all my stuff there.
I'll look at everyone else's, though.


Oh, Addi's a pretty little thing. As someone who has had various birds before, I know exactly what you mean about that sharp little beak. She sounds semi-tame, though, so I would think the outlook looks good for her becoming a nice pet. Welcome, Addi!


Pretty bird. Maybe you could teach her to say that? When I was young, one of my mother's friend had a parakeet that made a lot of word-sounding noises. Well, they were words, but you had to listen hard to hear them.

Wool Enough

Addi is a real cutie. I'm so glad she found a safe home.


oh, how cool is that! We had parakeets when I was a kid (well, from age 9 till after I got married...)and they are so much fun (as you well know!) Ours talked, and were out of the cage most of the day. My mom always had a bird on her shoulder, her head, or her cafe-curtain rod in the kitchen window while she worked at the sink. Addi is a cutie, and I hope you'll have lots of happy days together.

And ps - thanks for the comment on my blog - I am also a great fan of that garter stitch on the heel flap on Charlene Schurch's sock patterns!


Welcome to Addi! So glad she is safe. We have a little white bunny that's been hopping around the neighborhood lately. I'm sure it's someone's pet that was either let loose by accident or abandoned. No hope of catching it, but so far it seems to have weathered the winter just fine.


Admiral and Addi are both great names - especially Addi with the knitter's connection. Cute bird!


Aww! She's so cute! Love the name.


She is really cute!! I love the name too.


Addi is a great name for a knitter's bird! If you caught her that easily, she's no doubt a pet that escaped or was let loose. It looks like she's found a loving home.

Linda M

How lucky the bird found your balcony! I have two budgies right now, Tinker and DimSum... they are the latest in a long line of found/rescued/or purchased budgies. I usually keep two together because I don't like leaving one alone by itself all day. They are such pleasant companions... hope you and Addi have many good years together.


How awesome are you! Good luck with Addi!

Jeanne S

She's adorable! How wonderful that she found a good home.

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