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April 01, 2008


Caroline M

How very exciting it must have been to get that tingle of recognition from seeing the old in the new.


I'm thrilled with the new Vogue, but we have different tastes. Mine are influenced by spending many years in a hot climate, so I love the cottons and bamboos.


These pattern caught my eye too; I love it. I've never knitted a Kaffe Fassett's design

Linda M

I actually found 3 - 4 patterns in the new VK I'd consider making. I especially like the rich blue tunic with the diagonal lines. I also like very much the gorgeous flowered jacket you've highlighted. It is very helpful to see how K.F. reworked the design into a contemporary shape. Looking forward to seeing the finished Liv.

Wool Enough

When you said the kit has "no chart," I actually felt a shiver down my spine. Can't imagine tackling that one with only written directions. Surely we had charts back in the 80's. Didn't we?


Fashion is such a cyclical thing, isn't it?


Funny how fashion recycles...

Can't wait to see Liv!


I have just started seeing recycled designs now - the late 80s fitted capri length leggings under a skirt or dress is one example that I've seen a lot of lately. There seems to be some small twist to the trends when they return, maybe more or less fitted, or pairing it with a different top or bottom. I haven't gotten my newest VK magazine yet but am anxious to!

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