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April 15, 2008



You've got a magnificent amount of work done on that sweater--the body, and pockets, even! Sleeves can seem tedious, but they get done quicker than backs and fronts. Unfortunately, sleeves remind me of last summer's houseguest, a former knitter, who picked up my in-progress sleeve and asked, "You aren't done with this yet? You started it yesterday." She proved the 3-day rule about houseguests. :)


Catching up on your posts - your knitting is, as always, amazing! You could run a technical knitting site. :)


I agree about sleeves - definitely a black hole at times. I've got Bill's Torgeir almost ready for the sleeves and that has definitely dampened by enthusiasm. I'd much rather cast on something new! Or clean out my email box! I've been putting that off so much it's a little overwhelming.

Wool Enough

"Shawls on training wheels" -- that tickled my funny bone in a major way. Of course, since I mostly knit from the top down, I get the opposite effect; it's slow at first, then faster and faster.

And thanks for the new font. I've always found serif fonts to be much easier to read.


I am missing that housework gene too. My favorites and dislikes are the same as yours. Laundry never bothers me, but oh, do I hate to vacuum! I like organizing things too, if I'm in the mood for it. It usually has to be fueled by caffeine.

I like the new blog look too! Nice job.

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