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March 24, 2008


Caroline M

I made my mother a cardigan out of silky wool. It was lovely to knit with, it's worn really well but it did grow a bit. I washed the swatch but didn't allow for the weight of the garment pulling it down. It is lovely though, you can forgive it being difficult when it's so pretty.

Ditto socks, lovely and worth the effort


Welcome to the black hole of knitting! This falls into the same realm of knitting on a sleeve for hours, only to find it hasn't grown at all. I'm getting a little nervous about hubby's Silky Wool sweater, but it does have ribbing at the cuffs, which will give me a little wiggle room. If nothing else, at least his fingertips will be warm! :)


Oh my! Those sleeves keep you busy don't they? All that work - I would have given up long ago!


You are having way more patience with Liv than I would. I'd have probably paddled to the middle of the lake in the canoe and dropped the whole mess in, weighed down with a rock for good measure. That's probably why your sweaters fit, though. :-)


Abandoned projects shouldn't be left to stew for very long--I've seen my gauge change in a project after a significant break, even if I use the same needles. I really like the reds today, especially the red in that sock.


I totally didn't know that about sleeves! And I've been tempted to do that before - switch needles mid project just because. thanks for the words of warning!

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