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March 18, 2008



Throughout the knitting of the sleeves for my latest pullover, I've been haunted by your experience with Liv. Will they be too short? Too long? I knit one, then blocked it and sewed it in to check the length before I completed the second one. That why knitting two at once concerns me. Yes, you get a perfect match, but if they're too long or too short, you'll have to fix both of them.


It would be interesting to compare how we knit side by side. I, too, have quit knitting on straight needles because I get a real dent in my left pinky. Not so knitting straight on circs, although that is the part of my hand that tires first. Good luck on the mammo. I've got to schedule mine too.


It's interesting to read how different people solve problems, even the little ones. When I'm working two objects on circs (I never use straights) I place a ring marker *between* the two pieces. If I come to the end of one piece and the marker is there, I have to keep going to the next. (If you don't do that, the marker falls off and you lose it!) If it's not there, it's time to turn.

Love the colour of that sock!


It looks beautiful (again!) I have the same prob with straight needles so I never use them anymore!

Judy G.

I just pin the two sleeves together a couple of rows below where the action is, and knit across like it's one row. If I have to stop before I get to the end, I just make sure I am at least a few stitches away from the center in either direction so that when I come back, I can tell which direction to go.
I also like Dave's solution. Probably simpler than mine.

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