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March 12, 2008



Welcome to almost-seniorhood. I know what you mean. I've been "in my 60's" for a few years now and it still feels odd. One doesn't know quite what to expect.

Barbara M.

"Gigi" was my first (almost)date. I went to see that movie with my boyfriend, his sister, and his parents.... we lived out in the country, and he wasn't yet old enough to drive which explains the whole family scenario. But we sat on the end and held hands, so I've always considered it a date!

I love the movie for the music, costumes and scenery, but I agree that the story is a little unsettling. I'm not sure I completely followed it at 13, but I am surprised everyone thought it was appropriate for us.

I will turn 61 in June, and I agree.... not quite here, not quite there. The hardest birthday for me was 30, not because of the age, but because it was a hot June and I was 9 months pregnant with my second child and seriously uncomfortable. It was not a birthday I remember fondly. I hope your sleeves cooperate this time!


Marjorie - every birthday should be celebrated! Happy belated birthday. You deserve to feel proud of every year you've earned.


Happy Belated Birthday!

If forgetting to write down every pattern modification is a senior moment I'm in serious trouble already at 38 ;)


Perhaps it just means that we shouldn't put a project aside until we are totally satisfied with it. Anybody would forget details over the weeks? months? it has been since you knit Liv. Taking good notes would help. However, now that I'm working on my Caftan again, I can't find my notes. Thank goodness for the blog. I can put all the details in there and always find them.


Happy Belated Birthday!

Judy G.

I have decided to blame all my social gaffes and inappropriate outbusts on menopause. It is liberating.
Regarding discounts: If you look hard, you can find some restaurants that think we're over the hill at 55. Good grief.

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