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March 07, 2008



Whew, that's a lot more work than you originally thought. I think it will be totally worth it, though. Besides having a new sweater, you will get rid of that nagging reminder of a job left undone.


Wow, that really is a big job, but good for you for redoing it to get the sweater you want! It's always good to learn new lessons and have that knowledge for the future. Good Luck!!

Caroline M

It's a much bigger job than just the sleeve cap but if it gets you the fit you want then it's worth it.


How heartbreaking! But I would have done the same thing. Liv is so beautiful, she deserves your best effort. But what a lot of work!!


OMGosh, I can't believe you're going to knit it all over again. You really are a perfectionist.

Judy G.

I have some Silky Wool in my stash, and when I am ready to knit it, I will definitely re-read all your Liv posts. Your professionalism is amazing! (but you've heard me say that before.)


I really feel for you, I did the same thing once. Since then I absolutely do not work in ANY yarn ends until I am completely satisfied with the result. Since I started reading American blogs I have abandoned crochet seems and now use mattress stitch instead, which is a lot flatter. It is more work but I think it's worth the effort.
Good luck with your knitting, I am looking forward to the pictures. Thank you for your interesting blog.
Willemtje, a Dutch knitter

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