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February 05, 2008



Wow! This is why your knits are so wonderful. They are so well thought out.


I wanna see how you do waist shaping and not have the pattern get messed up. :-)

Caroline M

I'm not sure that I have the staying power for that level of alterations. I'd lose interest before I even got to the knitting. It is worth it to end up with something that you will wear rather than cast off and bury in the wardrobe.


So cool on printing out the charts. I knew from your photo the other day that this one would be very complicated. I think you should do some waist shaping but not too much.

I agree, I always like to finish up my WIPs before beginning something new. :)

Judy G.

You have amazing discipline. I would just throw all the WIPs into a bag for future consideration (or not) and forge ahead on the new project. That's why they're called WIPs and not Projects I Must Finish First (PIMFF).


My head hurts! I think that's why I'm not so fond of designing - I want to just start casting on. But it is going to be stunning - just like Ed's sweater.


My head hurts, too! It will be indeed a stunning sweater. And I just love that STR sock. I've looked at that color yarn and thought, eh, but knitted up it's gorgeous.


Wow! I'm speechless at the level of planning you are engaging in on this one!

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