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February 26, 2008



The socks turned out nicely and they look like they fit you well. Nice color and pattern!


Very nice! It's kind of like sometimes you want to read a nice thick book, sometimes you want a whole series, but sometimes, a collection of short stories to fill in the gaps works out perfectly. I'd analogize that into "tv-talk" for you, but you get the point. :-)

Judy G.

Those are very nice socks. Sometimes I wish I was interested in knitting socks, but my "no emotional commitment" projects tend toward the scarf end of things. I do know what you mean, though. A smallish project knit from a nice fibre with love for someone special (even if it's me!) still can grab a small place in my heart.

Hope all went well with Will.


Beautiful socks!!!


Beautifully done!


That color is really gorgeous.

I envy your attachment to your knitting. My heart has usually moved on to the next project before I've finished the current one, I'm so fickle :)

Linda M

Congratulations on the socks, they look very warm and comfy, and are very attractive too, nice job!

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