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January 14, 2008



Green! I see the green now, and I love the colors more than I did before. Great photos. Interesting pocket technique. I think soft merino yarns need something to give them structure; it looks like the slip stitch and Zara work well together.


I like the braid around the edges of the jacket too, and that technique for attaching the pocket with one less end to weave in.

To make the braid, do you think it matters if the cast on is the long-tail or not? I usually use the knitted cast on for everything, unless I need it to be looser, like when casting on underarm stitches (then I use the backwards loop) or provisional.


Lots of good information in your post. The idea of diagonal basting is a good one and I think I will use it in future projects. I love the close up picture - very artistic.


You're knitting is so lovely! Looking great so far!

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