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January 28, 2008



At least you have pictures to post. Sometimes with glacial progress (as in lace), the current picture looks the same as the last. We can get a good look at how the jacket is going to come out. I'm assuming there will be pocket flaps? What color are you thinking?


You write down the number of repeats before the armholes. I've tried that, but I always doubt my notes. That's why the back of my current sweater must travel with me as I knit the front, so I can pull it out and recount the repeats now and then.
The jacket is looking good. I like that it has two pockets.


I use a row counter for everything and trust it - I rarely, if ever, count anything on the garment itself.

Still trying to get past the "girls couldn't wear pants to school" part. Wow!

Wool Enough

I remember that "no pants" rule. I went to college in Vermont, and our rule was that girls could wear pants only when the temperature got "below -20 F" (which did actually happen a few times each winter).


Your knits look wonderful. Your education sounds amazing!

Jenny Girl

Wow what a great education. Hope your ears feel better.

Judy G.

Look! Look! I can post comments again! Hooray for all of us!

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