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December 09, 2007



Such an interesting post. I have wondered about the re-issued Harmony guides, and your description answers many of my questions. I'm surprised to see my favorite, the rather obscure Barbara Abbey book front and center. I found mine in a used bookstore in Jim Thorpe, PA (go figure). I haven't committed to the Walker Treasuries--they're just a little shy of perfect. I agree with you about your fantasy stitch dictionary. And you're just the person to put it together! :)

Judy G.

Great post! I have the Epstein books but have yet to use them in a project. My go-to books are the '91 Harmony guide (I think it's sort of a "Cliff notes" of all the other Harmony books) and more recently, Montse Stanley.

Congrats on getting through the crunch; now you can concentrate on enjoying the season!


I like the idea of an electronically searchable stitch dictionary - either on CD, as you said, or maybe on a web site. It could be a subscription-only or free site.

I haven't been much interested in stitch dictionaries until recently when I realized I can combine them with Sweater Wizard to use up some of my stash.

Glad work has settled down for you.


What a collection of books! I love any knitting book that is well done whether is be a pattern book or a stitch dictionary.

Life Info Zone

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Dreaming Knitter

Hi, I found your site tonight after googling about the book, Barbara Abbey's Complete Book of Knitting, which I just bought earlier today at a second-hand bookshop... for $5!

After reading your blog post, I'm glad to have found it... especially in a country which doesn't have that many knitters at all, here in the Philippines. A lot of our thrift shops gets shipments from the US, and that's how I'm able to buy knitting books. Now I can add this to my library of second-hand treasures such as Barbara Walker's Charted Knitting Designs and Harmony Guide, plus a few back issues of knitting magazines :-)

Thanks for this blog post, which I've linked to, from my own blog.

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