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December 12, 2007


Linda M

Hi Marjorie,
I'm enjoying these posts very much, and thanks for the link: I sense a small Dover knitting books purchasing binge coming on!


Very interesting post. I don't think I was ever taught *anything* that was intended for me to use in being a good wife and/or mother. In fact, the very loud and clear message was the opposite - don't ever get married or have kids! Weird how that post 60s sexual revolution aftermath worked, at least in my house.


I love that you are going through your old books and giving us a review - especially on the out-of-date, out-of-style, and out- of-print ones.


I think many of us have those books that really opened our eyes to what knitting could be. For me it was Knitting Without Tears by EZ. I never realized that you could knit without a pattern and that you could be the boss of your own knitting. Because she told me I could, my first color stranded knitting was a Norwegian style sweater for me out of fingering weight alapaca. Steeks and all - because EZ said I could!

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