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November 29, 2007



I wouldn't label it as "wrong" (now I sound like one of those proponents of the self-esteem movement) just different. I hold the yarn pretty similarly to your method and I'm not willing to change either.


I wouldn't say that you hold the yarn "wrong." If it's working for you - go for it. I have a friend that holds her yarn the way you do and she is a fast and beautiful knitter!

Caroline M

When you've cast off no-one knows how you held your yarn. If it works for you then that's what matters.

I found it so terribly frustrating to get my right hand to do anything like knitting. It took me something like 30 rows of a mitten until I found a way of holding the yarn that worked for me. I had to watch what I was doing all the time because otherwise the helpful left hand would swoop in and make the stitch.


I'm glad you've found a way that works for you. That is what is important, after all. I have to admit, though, looking at that last pic just makes my hands hurt.
When I do knit two colors, (rarely) my pinkys do all the tensioning. I guess I just don't see them.


As another knitter who holds the yarn "funny", I'd say: "Whatever gets you where you want to go!"

Judy G.

I don't care how happy you are, I am still resisting two-handed stranded knitting. I am, however, happy that you got it figured out. Way to go!


Welcome to the blogging world.

It's interesting to see how others hold yarn. Like Caroline said, "if it works for you then that's what matters".

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