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October 30, 2007



Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Caroline M

I like it very much, the cables really pop out in that yarn and it's not so dark that you can't see the relief (I made a heavily cabled sweater in near black before I knew any better)

Is he pleased?


Stunning. I'm coveting that yarn now even though mohair and I don't get along.


It's beautiful! I love his expression. Priceless!


Love the sweater! Ed is quite a sweater model; you know, I see a resemblance to Jim in his bone structure a little bit, especially in the first picture. Green's a good color for him!

Jeanne B.

Oh, that's gorgeous! Ed wears it well! Any chance you'll be writing up the pattern?


OH! How lovely, Marjorie, you have outdone yourself. A real work of ART!! (and now he can stop asking you if it is going to have 2 sleeves, etc.)



The sweater looks great, it's a beautiful shade of green. Ed wears it well.


It's absolutely wonderful. From the cables you chose, t the collar, to the colour and the buttons -- totally gorgeous. Ed's one lucky guy!


Wow! That is a beautiful sweater!!! I love the color and design. I wish I could knit more than hats and scarves. *sigh*


It looks as if all the superlatives have been taken. It is indeed stunning! Tell Ed to smile, though. :) I want to do a sweater similar for hubby, but just don't have the time or energy right now to design it. I know I could, but I want a pattern I can more or less mindlessly knit. Or maybe I'll just wait until I graduate and then think about it.


What a masterpiece. I gasped in awe. Seriously.
Ed will be a warm one this winter.


wow that is a gorgeous work of art. beautiful work!


It's *incredible*. Congratulations to you *and* to Ed!


Marjorie - this is the most beautiful man's sweater ever. I've really enjoyed all your posts on it and was excited to see it all finished on the Cable KAL and Manly Gift Along too. These photos are wonderful! Lovely lovely lovely work!

Linda M

Bravo! It is everything everyone has said. You should consider entering it into a state fair or other juried exhibition if Ed will let you borrow it back! and if you write up the pattern (just the one size would be fine) I'll try it!


That is just a wonderful sweater. And despite his expression, I suspect Ed is happy!


wow, ed's sweater looks fabulous on him!

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