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October 05, 2007


Caroline M

Doesn't the pattern just need to be offset by two stitches? You could move the pattern on the back by one stitch and on the front by one stitch and that should do it.

My husband will wear the most outrageous colours on his feet but when it comes to sweaters anything other than plain stockinette in a dark (difficult to see) colour is out of the question. The moss stitch I sneaked into his last sweater was regarded with deep suspicion.


Men, demanding another sweater before the 1st is finished! J/K. I'm sure ED #2 will be beautiful too!


I would like to try a sweater in slip stitch, as I like the look of it. There is a sweater in Melissa Leapman's Hot Knits book that is slip stitch that I may try. Can't wait to see what Ed#2 looks like!


Tagged!! Come check out my blog - I tagged you for a "8 Random Things" meme. (No pressure - it can wait til you get back from Stitches.)

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