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September 12, 2007



I can see you being kind of a smart aleck in school - very un-50s. You were always ahead of your time, Marjorie!

Great post today. I find it interesting to read about how you got to where you are today.


Very nice seam. I too grew up in the 50's, but I was the perfect child - well behaved, never talked out of turn, but was pretty much ignored as well. I use crochet for seams a lot. I usually do mattress stitch on side seams, but I can see how it can give more structure and might try it when I knit up my Silky Wool. But I do use it on shoulders when I don't do a three needle bind off, and I always, always use it to set in sleeves!


I probably would have been that girl getting in trouble with you!

Judy G.

Ooohh! I can hardly wait to see the finished Liv- I have found a pattern for a long vest I'm going to try with my Silky Wool. You may hear from me frequently once I get it going- I will also be referring back to all your posts with this fibre.

I may even swatch.

Caroline M

I do like silky wool, I made my mother a cardigan out of it and it has worn really well. I just wish that I'd bought more at the time that I found it on sale for 1p/1g (well under $10/lb). I have been kicking myself for that ever since. One of the colours that I left behind was a lovely copper, not far from your Liv.

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