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September 14, 2007


Caroline M

I used to have a sleeve board but once my husband stopped wearing long sleeved shirts for work I no longer used it and in the end I gave it away. On the rare occasion where I missed it I used a wooden rolling pin and a smooth tea towel.

I knit for the pleasure of knitting rather than from any desire for the finished item and I think that is where my finishing issues come from.

The reinforcement of that neck slit is lovely work.


I think the sleeve board ignorance may be a generational thing. A lot of us never even ironed until we got out of the house on our own, and maybe never pressed sleeves even then (sending them to the cleaners..cough cough...I resemble this remark!) We certainly never had any instruction on how to do it properly, either. I had heard of the ham before just from sewing books, but never used one either. So I appreciate the instruction on how to use these tools!


Also, I think a lot of knitters have an issue with finishing because they don't know how to do it properly and don't want to spoil all their hard work knitting the garment. It's performance anxiety. I can't relate to only wanting to knit and not caring at all about actually wearing the finished garment.

Linda M

I remember sleeve boards and pressing hams from home economics in junior high in the, ahem, late sixties - early seventies. Home Ec and Jr. High are both generational concepts... the "young 'uns" have no idea what they missed and the rest of us, well I feel old thinking about it.


What a useful and interesting post! Thanks, Marjorie!


That is a great idea for reinforcing the seam. I don't know if I dislike finishing. I think I just dread starting but once I get started, it gets pretty easy.

Judy G.

You are the first person I know of since grade 9 home ec who actually owns a ham. The only time I ever used one was in the construction of smock top simplicity 5154 (how sad that I remember that number. I wonder what important knowledge was jettisoned to make room for that piece of trivia?)

My finishing tends to be a little slapdash, likely because of a lack of education (either self-imposed or external), but you may inspire me to take it a little more seriously. Rock on.


I am really enjoying your posts on finishing. I am going to have to try crocheted seams. I like the look of mattress stitching, but it's nice to know multiple techniques.
I also love the way you finished that center front stitch.

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