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September 20, 2007


Linda M

Oh, Liv is looking good, and I like that sleeve length a lot. Can't wait to see the whole thing on you. And I'm looking forward to watching you work on Thora and the jacket.


I think the sleeve length looks fine. Can't wait to see what you buy when you "go off the wagon!"


I think the sleeve length is right but it's up to you!


I love the photos from this and your prior post. This turned out beautifully, and I can't wait to see the modeling shots.
Too-long sleeves does seem to be a fashion trend, but I don't think yours are too long.


oooh i cannot WAIT to see liv in its entirety. that sleeve end in really enticing.


Hi Marjorie! I see you are wanting to knit a long sweater-jacket. Forgive me, but my cynical side just HAS to wonder why it was photgraphed with the model holding her hands behind her back. What is it about the sleeves that they're hiding? Given you recent sleeve travails....

Other than that, looks like you are making maginficent progress on your masterpiece--Ed's sweater. And Liv looks very nice, too! I personally never wear sweaters with the arms hanging dow--I alwys push them up on my forearms, so for me, a little bit too-long sleeve would be immaterial, but YOU are perfectionist (no news there, right?) so, you go, girl!

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