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September 18, 2007



Wow, your sweater looks just beautiful! The color is perfect for Fall too! Thank you for all the tutorials and how-to's that you used for the construction of this sweater. I know I will be referring back to your posts when seaming on my future sweaters. ;)


Beautiful. Thanks for all your finishing posts on this sweater. I was one of the "never heard of a sleeve board" crew ;)

You make me want to cast on for a silky wool sweater this moment. I so love the drape of that fabric. But I'll be strong and hold off until my current sweater obligations are finished.


I admit that I am surprised at your reluctance to weave in those few final ends, and, frankly, delighted to find you have a weak spot. ;-)

I really like the reinforced V. I may be resorting to that, or something quite similar, in the near future.


Love it! I can't wait to see how it looks on you. That is so true about the haircuts - it seems to be true for me in that regard and also with respect to when I need a root touch-up. One day is fine, the next is a trainwreck.


It looks beautiful! I really love the color. Can't wait to see your modeling shots!

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