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August 09, 2007



My first thought when I saw that gold color was that it would make a perfect bee shawl.

Did you see that there is a new rectangular stole version of bee fields now too? Of course as I try to link you to the webpage, it looks like their server is having difficulty at the moment. You can see it at the knitalong though.



I agree with Chris on the gold color being great for a bee shawl. The only other thing I can think of for the thin wool yarn is an intarsia or fair isle jacket of some kind. But if you've got the "shawl fever" you should go with it. LOL on the analogy of the midlife crisis guy.


Butterscotch bees would be yummy! No red convertible? Rats!!

Judy G.

I have shawls draped over most of the chairs in my house. This is partially in concession to my dear MIL, who thinks our house is too cold, and partly because I love to knit them. I use 'em instead of a house coat, when I'm feeling devil-may-care I wear them out of the house instead of a jacket, I drape them on tables, you name it. The bee shawl will be beautiful in the gold, although I did like the black wing of the moth on Anne's blog.

I don't think that knitting a a single's bar would be nearly as creepy as a balding middle-aged guy hanging out at a single's bar.


I agree too, the bee shawl would look really nice with that gold yarn.

Judy has great ideas for ways to use shawls!

I also want to mention how much I enjoy reading your posts, they're very entertaining.


I haven't a clue what to knit (since I haven't done any shawls) but I'm sure you'll make it beautiful!


The magenta shawl is beautiful. Perhaps after my corset top, I'll try a shawl . . . .


I also agree that the Bee shawl would be lovely in that yarn. I really like the look of the more solid (less lacy) shawls in the more solid yarns. The Bee shawl has some areas or stockinette that I think would show off the lovely color. I have quite a few shawls and I also drape them over chairs. I wear them occasionally, but mostly I just like looking at them!


I find that I can adapt some shawl patterns into stoles, or extra-wide lace scarves, and wear them as scarves as well as stoles.


I love the middle-aged-wife-dumping guy analogy!
I bought both versions of the bee shawl, and I also have some lovely Brooks Farm stuff that I'm going to use for her Morning Glory stole. I just need to get a couple things off the needles first. That gold yarn would be perfect for the bee shawl.

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