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August 28, 2007



That is neat about how Liv is constructed - reminds me of applied i-cord.

I just posted about a weird (but good) experience, also feeling pretty old! I have no idea who won on American Idol either! I may be one of the few people who haven't watched Survivor.


I think one big suitcase would be easier to handle... although I guess it depends on how big the suitcase is!


Love the construction! Bring 1 big suitcase, maybe?

Judy G.

How about packing the small one with clothes inside the big one, and then you'd only have to deal with 2 on the return trip?

I have never seen an episode of survivor, and as far as American (or Canadian) Idol goes, there is not enough room in my t.v. for the show and the egos. Don't watch, don't care.

Have a good weekend!

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