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August 05, 2007



The shawl is lovely -- what a great colour!

How can something be partially unfinished? It either is, or it isn't. It's kind of like "very unique." When you're talking about a long-term project like a knit, it's always in some degree of unfinishedness until it is ... finished. :-)


I really had to laugh about your husband's categorization of your projects! Only a computer programmer or an engineer would be so precise. I do kind of like the PUFO category, though. My husband, wisely pays no attention, although he will ask what I'm working on when I start a new project.


That shawl is so fine. It is the next shawl I would make, if I were to make another. (I find I don't wear the ones I have.)
The color is great on you, and the size looks perfect.


I'm also sitting here laughing about your husband's classification! My guy is smart, he just nods and mumbles encouraging things about the knitting at what he presumes are appropriate moments. And wisely shuts up when I'm swearing under my breath.
The shawl is very lovely, a great color for you!

Judy G.

Your shawl turned out beautifully! As far as classifying goes, my husband stays out of the knitting loop, but puts almost every other aspect of our lives together on spreadsheets. He makes me crazy. Or at least he would, if I wasn't busy nodding indulgently and then doing whatever I want anyways.


Whatever the argument is about FO vs. UFO, it's now done and fantastic! It's really beautiful, M!


Your shawl looks lovely on you! I really like the color!


Love the shawl!! That color is definitely "you" and is very flattering to your coloring.

I'm kind of afraid to step into the UFO/PUFO/WIP debate, but I guess I have two categories. WIPs (which I fully admit to the blogosphere as "in progress" on my sidebar) and UFOs, which are kind of like WIPs I don't admit to that will probably be ripped and the yarn repurposed. The Two-Tone Shrug and Orangina were recent examples until I ripped them both the other day.


I don't get "partially unfinished" at all, but you're wise probably to nod and smile ;)

Love the shawl, it's gorgeous on you and just about matches my current hair color ;)

Being on Ravelry seems to be keeping me honest on what's a true WIP and what's merely hanging around until I find something better to do with the yarn. (The ravelry category for that is "hibernating" and shows up as zzzzzzzz) ;)


Your shawl turned out great!!!

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