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August 22, 2007


Judy G.

That is a nice neat join, but I'm still not going to try it. Too much like sock toes, and we all know that's no fun.


While that looks so daunting, once I take a deep breath and look at it rationally, I can see that it is a much better approach to grafting narrow ribbing than the one I used, which involved turning the knitting over and back again. Of course, I was grafting 4x4 ribbing, so it wasn't too bad, just tedious.
Nonetheless, thinking about it is much easier than doing it! Your join looks fine.

Barbara M.

Wow.. it looks great! I took a class with Lucy Neatby which changed my attitude toward Kitchener forever. One thing she does is to use a long piece of yarn, thread one end on your needle, and then start grafting from the middle, not the end. When she gets to one side, she leaves the thread loose, goes back to the middle and threads the other end, turns her knitting and grafts to the other side. This keeps it nice and loose and makes it much easier to keep the tension even on each stitch. Worth the cost of the workshop.... and her "toe chimney" is a miracle!

The DVDs make it so easy to follow. She is a marvelous teacher!


I LOVE the regular Kitchener stitch but had never even HEARD of double kitchener. Thanks for the great pics!


I've never heard of that before! See, the cool things I learn from visiting your blog!

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