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July 09, 2007



Very best wishes for your speedy recovery! Take care of your eyes!


Oh wow. Take care of you!


Oh no! That sounds awful! Hope you have a quick and easy recovery.

And yeah for the shetland triangle! Can't wait to see yours finished!

Judy G.

So sorry to hear about your vision issues. Hope everything settles down. Be a good patient!


Yikes, how scary. I'm glad you're on the mend. How frustrating that it interferes with the knitting.

Can't wait to see your shawl finished and blocked. I need to get back to my lace project so I can finish and cast on the new malabrigo lace weight that's calling to me everytime I pass the basket it's in.


Hope everything turns out, must be unnerving to say the least!

I love the color of the yarn you've chosen for the shetland triangle!

Take care!


I hope everything is getting better with your eyes. Relax and try not to do so much - easy for me to say, not easy for me to do.

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