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July 02, 2007



The sock book sounds wonderful - thanks for the heads-up!

Judy G.

Oh darn it. Just when I thought I would never have to knit another sock...Congratulations on the finished project! I'm sure that any socks you do from now on will exhibit the same qualities that your sweaters now show. Way to go!

What WIP are you attacking next?


Mazel Tov Marjorie. It looks like a good book. I imagine it must be kind of bittersweet seeing fun-to-work-on books published--like a kid moving out of the house.


Can't wait to run out and get a look at the books!


Congrats on finishing the book - I will check that one out (as well as the Nicky Epstein book, as I haven't seen that one yet in the bookstores.)

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