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June 06, 2007



mmmmmm sock yarn. I adore Mountain Bear Foot. The finished socks are so soft and cozy. Mohair sometimes irritates me, but not in this yarn.

The purple koigu is also making me drool.


I think the socks are great! Thanks for the compliment and link to my blog. I've really only just got into socks the last couple of months so an amazing knitter like you should blow right by me in skill in no time!


The only socks I've made are the Knitty Pedicure Socks, with Elann Esprit (like Cascade Fixation.) Thanks for flashing your stash!

BTW - my mom has Raynaud's too - her fingers will turn completely whitish/yellow on the tips.


Love the entrelac sweater. My mom once knit an entrelac using donated odds and ends of multi-colored yarn on a black yolk and cuffs. We called it her coat of many colors, and she wore it for years, now my sister wears it.

Very interesting sock stash. I've usually got a pair on the go along with other projects. Love my bearfoote ones. I did them with Cat Bordhi's Turned Toe and her tubular bind-off (both are part of the leaf and tendril pattern in Socks Soar on 2 circs). I love knitting toe-up this way, and the tubular bind-off is more comfy than a cast-on edge.

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