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June 01, 2007



I'm amazed at the care you're taken to make everything just perfect for both sweaters. I know this is going to pay off when they're done and the little details add up to two amazing sweaters!


My morning brain works much better than my night-time (post 11 pm) brain too. The sweaters are going to be perfect!

Judy G

It takes a wise woman to recognize when her brain is functioning at a level less than peak, and an even wiser one to stop trying to make decisions at that point. Your cardigan is beautiful! (and that's a pretty nice yardstick, too.)


i really like the way this jacket is looking; it's not something i would have thought i would like for myself, but it's appealing! it must be the wonderful colorway and the really expert knitting that brings it to life for me!


I'm always amazed by your attention to detail. I just wing it most of the time and hope for the best!

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